500px Photo ID: 172828367 - I have been wanting to get a birds eye view of Edmonton with the High-level Bridge, the Legislature Building and the Skyline towering over the River Valley. Particularly in Fall I envisioned this view to be super colorful. Well I was right, today I had the chance too shoot from the roof-top of one the UofA's buildings, opening a totally new perspective for me who does not possess a drone (yet). The leaves have begun to change to golden already and a week from now color should be peaking, so I will be back on top of that roof, for three more shots: Sunrise, Sunset and a Nightshot. Stay tuned.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

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Welcome to our ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery practice. The field of Oculoplastic Surgery is based on the knowledge and principles of Ophthalmology – to know, understand, and protect the eye. Dual Canadian and American board-certified surgeons, Dr. Audrey Chan and Dr. Royce Johnson, serve the northern Alberta community through our office in the heart of downtown Edmonton, as well as providing patient care at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

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